About Dr. Harry Benjamin Korli Glover

Dr. Harry Benjamin Korli Glover is a distinguished Specialist Dentist renowned for his expertise in Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. With a strong focus on providing invisible treatment options, Dr. Glover is a recognized TOP Invisalign Apex Provider, showcasing his commitment to excellence. His passion lies in utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as the iTero Intraoral scanner, ensuring the highest quality of care for his patients.

Specializing in early intervention with Invisalign First and Teen treatments, Dr. Glover is well-versed in interceptive early treatment options for children. He is proficient in various orthodontic techniques, including traditional and Lingual fixed braces, as well as the advanced Invisalign clear aligners. In 2022, he earned the prestigious title of Diamond Apex Invisalign Provider, a testament to being one of the highest-achieving doctors in Europe, the Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa with the Invisalign System.

Dr. Glover distinguishes himself as the first and only complex cases provider in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, earning the title of Provider of the Year. His commitment to utilizing advanced technology is evident through his adoption of digital smile design and intra-oral digital scanning, ensuring optimal results for his patients.

Devoted to making dentistry a painless and fearless experience, Dr. Glover adheres to a philosophy of preserving natural teeth whenever possible. He believes in exhaustively exploring all treatment options before considering tooth extraction. His gentle chair-side style, coupled with a dedication to meaningful patient interactions, sets him apart in delivering exceptional quality care.

Beyond his orthodontic prowess, Dr. Glover has expanded his skill set by obtaining certification in the art of veneers at the Esthetic Confluence in Dubai and the Belograd Academy in the Czech Republic. He is duly registered with the Ghana Medical and Dental Council and is an active member of the Ghana Dental Association. Currently serving as the CEO at Life Healthcare Medical, Dental, and Optical Center, Dr. Harry Benjamin Korli Glover continues to make a positive impact on the lives of both children and adults through his unwavering commitment to dental excellence.

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